The First Amendment Fund has been established as part of our mission on Criminal Justice Reform to advance Constitutional and civil rights through litigation and legal representation.  We work to help defend those unjustly convicted or canceled by a society that has devalued the dignity of each human life and each unique voice.  

There are many victims of powerful woke institutions. Their toxic efforts are intended to force decent Americans to remain silent in the face of dangerous and extreme ideas - or worse yet, to submit to the will of the woke mob. Sadly, we see daily examples of our God-given rights being trampled upon by those who wield their power to radically change America.

 As we saw on Election Night, citizens are waking up and saying "no more!" But they can't do it alone.  We must defend the ability of people to make up their own minds and their own decisions,  especially when those choices represent values that have made America an exceptional nation. It is time to unite. 

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