Our freedoms are under attack like never before. Our liberty and sovereignty, and our most fundamental rights and values, are being systematically dismantled by an unholy alliance of corrupt liberal Washington politicians, a biased media and a compromised Justice System conspiring to punish those in political dissent.

The formation and subsequent actions by the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol” have exposed the blatant efforts by Democrats to abuse their investigatory powers and target private citizens who have not been accused of any crimes and were simply engaging in free speech activities protected by the First Amendment.

For years, progressives have used the court system to attack our founding rights, undermine the rule of law, and erode our nation’s most cherished principles and traditions. But not since the Red Scare has our country seen such a brazen attempt by Congress to trample on the civil liberties of American citizens in order to expose and demonize political opponents.

The FIRST AMENDMENT FUND was established as part of our mission on Criminal Justice Reform to advance Constitutional and civil rights through litigation and legal representation. We work to help DEFEND those unjustly targeted or canceled by the Far Left because by protecting their rights, we PROTECT all of ours. This includes those who are in the cross hairs of the corrupt January 6 committee and others who are threatened by political persecution due to their beliefs.

With your support, the FIRST AMENDMENT FUND will defend U.S. citizens from unconstitutional overreach and wage a forceful defense of our rights, our democracy, and our cherished American way of life.

It is time for us all to UNITE and FIGHT BACK!

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